GMCA Multi Channel Analyzer

XIE introduces a dual channel digital Multi Channel Analyzer for gamma radiation spectroscopy, the GMCA. The two channels can work in coincidence mode to increase the photopeak efficiency. Detector events can be read out using a list mode and stored in up to three spectra for the single channels, the coincidence only and the coincidence sum.

The GMCA uses state of the art DSP techniques with trapezoidal filtering, baseline restoration and pile-up rejection. This allows very good energy resolutions with numerous semiconductor and scintillator detectors. A programmable detector signal generator can be used to emulate spectra inside and outside the device.

All voltages necessary for operating detectors with preamplifiers can be supplied as well as two temperature regulated voltages for Peltier coolers.

The GMCA optionally houses a micro-PC. This allows spectroscopic operations without the need of an additional laptop or PC.


More details are available here.