The latest version of the Photon Counting Chip Medipix3 is now available for orders. The Medipix3 chip was developed by CERN on behalf of the Medipix3 collaboration. 
In comparison to the predecessor Medipix2 the following modes and features are only available with the Medipix3:

  • Charge Summing Mode CSM for the reduction of  charge spreading 
  • 24-bit counter for high contrast and long acquisitions
  • Color Mode CM with 8 thresholds for 110x110 µm2 pixels.
  • Continous Read-Write for deadtime-free readout

The Medipix3 detectors are available with the following sensor materials:

  • Silicon with 500 µm thickness
  • GaAs wtih 500 µm thickness
  • CdTe with 1 mm and 2 mm thickness

The Medipix3 evaluation kit includes the Medipix3 assembly with the sensor, the USB-2 interface FitPix3 and the Pixelman software (CTU Prague).
Larger detector units are availalbe by our partner X-Spectrum.
Contact us for more details and quotations. Further informations are available on our website.

Visit us at the 2014 IEEE NSS-MIC-RTSD conference in Seattle at booth 100-102 from 11. - 13. November together with our partner X-Spectrum.